Friday, April 11, 2014

Metro Hoops!

This last week I started making a Metro Hoops quilt.  I needed one for myself because the original Metro Hoops quilt is in Arizona living at Helen's house.

I had fun picking out the fabrics and colors for the quilt.  I used a "Color Me Happy" Jelly Roll by Vanessa with V and Co. (which I love by the way) for the curves and some Kaufman linen/cotton blend flax for the background fabric.

It came together quickly.  It was just finding the time to work on it.

Perfect sunny day yesterday to take a picture to show off the colors! onto the quilting.  Always bitter sweet for me.  I always fall in love with the quilt before I quilt it and sometimes I don't want to start adding more textures to the quilt...I'm weird that way and I'm sure I will love it when I'm done.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun and Easy patterns!

Checker, one of our distributors offers inexpensive patterns called "Cut Loose Press" at the Quilt Shops.   We made a few easy and fun CLP patterns for them.   

This one is called "Dancing Churndash".

Super easy and fun to put together!  I had a lot of fun quilt it also.  I thought the straight lines looked great in the blocks and the fun swirl gave movement around the dancing churndash!

The next pattern is called "Dot to Dot".

 This pattern is a super easy one to put together too!  Looks harder than it really is.  Love the straight line quilting on it...I think it was perfect for it.

The last pattern is called "Two Step Topper".

Love the simplicity of this topper!  Helen pieced and quilted this one and I love the colors and the quilting!!

The patterns will be available in May.  I'll give more details when I have them.  

~Jenny and Helen~

Friday, April 4, 2014

New fabric for some fun "Curve it Up" blocks!

There's nothing better than playing with new fabric!  

I'm making up some mini quilts with a couple of my favorite "Curve it Up" blocks.  

I'm using Tula Pink's "Fox Field" for the "Curve it Up" Log Cabin blocks.

Love how they are turning out!  I'm not sure which layout to do yet.

I'm also using Anna Maria Horner's "Pretty Potent" (coming out soon) to make some "Curve it Up" Dresden blocks.

Love how these are turning out too!  

We've been working hard at getting the "Curve it Up" pattern ready and have had some wonderful ladies test the blocks for us.  I'll show you all their blocks soon.  They all look fantastic!  

We have been asked by quite a few quilt shop owners if the "Curve it Up" blocks will be made into an official pattern and happy to say it will be ready the first of May!!  Big pattern with lot's of graphics!!!  A lot of hours behind this pattern for sure!  My friend Andrea did a fantastic job on the always.

Love the green couch!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

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"Spring Meadow" A free tutorial coming soon!

I'm so ready ready for spring!  How about you?

How about a "Spring Meadow" block!

A fun and scrappy flower can put anyone in a good mood!

This block will be our Free Tutorial this spring!!

Love it?

One jelly roll of your choice makes four "Spring Meadow" blocks and of course you can't make them without the Quick Curve Ruler!


~Jenny and Helen~

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mod Olives Finish and Giveaway Winner

The Mod Olives QAL tops all look great!  Thanks so much for joining the QAL!

Here are the finished Mod Olive quilts or quilt tops.


Sew Inspired

After I listed everyone's quilts I used the Random Number Generator to pick the winner for the Mod Olives runner!

Number 4 is Becky!

Congratulations Becky!  I hope you can find a perfect place for your new runner!

Thanks again for all of you who participated in the Mod Olives QAL!  

We will be removing the Mod Olives tutorial in the next couple of days.  If you haven't downloaded it yet, be sure to do so.

~Jenny and Helen~


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mod Olive Giveaway Runner!

Monday I'm going to put together the Mod Olive Finish post and need more completed pics of some Mod Olive quilts or quilt tops!

I see many half finished quilts over on the Flickr group but need some more finished ones....

Maybe this will entice you to finish up your quilts!

This custom quilted Mod Olive table runner is the giveaway!  You have today and tomorrow to finish your tops, quilted or not!!

You can post a pic on the Mod Olive Flickr Group or email me us a pic to

Looking forward to seeing your quilts!

....and one last picture

 Too cute not to share Ty's little foot.

~ Sew Kind of Wonderful~ 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mod Olives QAL ~ Finishing up and a Giveaway!

It's been 6 weeks since the Mod Olives QAL started.  I hope everyone had a good time with it!  

I did find out the block was a bit more difficult to put together for those of you using the Quick Curve Ruler for your first time but we hope you stuck with it and enjoyed the process.

In a few days I would like to share everyone's Mod Olives quilts or quilt tops here on my blog.  If you have posted your quilt on the Mod Olives Flickr page I will get your picture there but if you haven't and would like to share it with us then you can email it to me at

Now for the Giveaway!!!
Along with posting everyone's Mod Olives quilts or quilt tops I will also have a drawing and announce the winner of this fun little table runner!  I plan on doing some custom quilting on it today!  Maybe that will be a little motivation for you.

 So....go finish up your Mod Olives quilts!  Looking forward to seeing them all!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mod Olives is Finished!

Finished my Mod Olives quilt!

I had fun coming up with 24 different feather designs for each block!

I'm happy with my feathers for the most part.  Some were kind of the bottom left one in the picture above.  Looks like toes.

Half way through the quilt I thought of a great quilting design for the print diamonds and had to do one out of curiosity.  It's the bottom left block in the picture above.

My favorite feather is the top left one in the picture above.  Love that one!

I really like the quilting in the background diamonds.  It helped give consistency to this quilt.  This quilt is quilted a little to busy for my liking but it was fun coming up with a bunch of feathers and hopefully I was able to give some of you some feather quilting ideas.  I of course can't take credit for all these feathers.  I have been inspired by some of them through some very talented quilters over the  past 7 years.

I always love looking at the before and after quilting pictures.

I like the black and white binding.  It helped the quilt feel grounded to me.

Hope you all are finishing up your Mod Olives quilt tops.  Looking forward to seeing them all!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quilting on Mod Olives!

I've just started quilting up my Mod Olives quilt!  Should be fun!  I've challenged myself to do a different feather on each of the 24 blocks.....why?  Because I get to bored if I do the same thing over and over and over....and to give you all some feather ideas for your own Mod Olives quilt!

I've done up 3 so far.

Only 21 more to go!

...and if you happen to be in the Spokane, WA area this weekend, I'll be there on Saturday!  Come see me and sign up for a Metro Rings class!  

Details are above.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mod Olives ~ Checking in

It's the start of week 5 for the Mod Olives QAL.  I'm going to finish my blocks up tomorrow and start quilting on my quilt.  

Here are my blocks in the corner of a dungeon I sew in.  
  We would love to see your blocks too!  

Happy Sewing!

~Jenny and Helen~

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mod Olives QAL - Square Up

We've noticed a few of you have come into some problems when squaring up your Mod Olive blocks.  Please don't give up!  Here are a couple of suggestions to help you out.

Option 1This may not be an option for many if you've already pre-cut your background fabric.   Instead of 6" x 8" pieces for your background and print fabric, cut them 6" x 8 ½".  Line up on marks on ruler as per tutorial and just let the ends extend past the 1" and 11" dark lines.  I've attached a pic to show you. 
 This will give you extra fabric for squaring up your blocks to a 5" x7".

Option 2:   If you've already cut all your pieces you could square up your block to a 5" x 6 ¾" or 5" x 6 ½"  That will give you an extra ¼" or ½" for squaring up length wise.  I've attached a pic and marked with a green marker on the ruler as to where to square it up at the 6 ¾" mark.
You'll notice that I have more room to square up on my sample because I just sewed that block using the 6" x 8 ½" fabric. 

We hope this helps.

Jenny and Helen